The Boulevard


The Boulevard is a rather pompously named street in Tunstall which in old maps was once known as Mill Lane and then Station Road, the station closing when the Loop Line closed in the early 1960’s. The Boulevard runs eastwards for a few hundred yards out of the town centre towards Victoria Park and seamlessly changes to Mill Hill Road. It begins next to Tunstall Town Hall in a pedestrianised section between two former banks and beside the still thriving indoor market. It continues in a 1970’s built pedestrian underpass below Scotia Road, which has been horribly, yet effectively, decorated with a mural. It must be effective because no-one grafittis there any more though the paintings are woeful. On the corner of Scotia Road is Tunstall Library, a fine Victorian building originally called The Jubilee Library,  Science and ArtsInstitute. The upper floors are now unused, but surely this building should be one of the proudest in the Potteries. Next to that is Tunstall Memorial Gardens with the war memorial. Fairly recently some memorial walls have been built with names of local people killed in the wars of the 20th Century, again they seem popular but to me don’t work as they are made in a bright orange brick and break up the openness, I’m sure something better could have been designed. Opposite the park are some newish flats, these are on the site of what, when I moved to Tunstall 26 years ago, was a small cinema, two minutes walk from where I then  lived, but sadly it closed just after I moved here.














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