Month: August 2014

Still Life #35

The past week as a Still Life as part of my year long Still Life Project found here.



Portes, portails et fenêtres


As anyone who has followed this blog for some time will have noted I have taken a lot of photographs of doors, gates and windows. My interest is in the compositional possibilities; the textures and colours; the human intervention; the spiritual intrigue of what may be on the other side. So it was quite natural that while wandering around in France I took similar photographs. Being a rural area they are very different to the ones I find in Tunstall maybe at times a bit too ‘pretty’ for my taste! I do have quite a few so expect some more over the coming weeks.




I was looking for a photograph from last year in North Wales and found this which I had ‘dismissed’, looking at it again I liked the patterns of fields and the trees dotted around with patches of sun. It’s a day like this here today, sun and clouds. This is looking south from the top of Mynydd Meirion, Llysfaen near Colwyn Bay.