Month: September 2014

Tree again…

The angled light yesterday morning was perfect again to take some photographs of the tree outside my back gate, which I have taken many times. It is in the ‘perfect’ position because the terrace end on the opposite side is painted black so offering a great backdrop to the bright colours or outlines of the branches.




High Street 2

Continuing my Streets Project some photographs of High Street Tunstall, including a tribute to  Amy Whitehouse outside Cool Trader (a shop selling cheap frozen food), odd, and some of the late night photographs I have started to take of this street.







This is a parallel photograph to one in my blog of a couple of days ago. Nominated, the one of the tree in the car park. This was taken at about midnight on the same day, I tried using a long exposure but it didn’t work so I used a very basic flashgun (something I hardly ever use) and quite like the image.



Up top…



I’ve had a car for a few days, which makes a nice change, so last Sunday when it was reaching early evening I went out a few miles on the way towards Ashbourne, an area I seem to have known forever. Quite wonderful landscape is very close to Stoke-on-Trent. The light was great, a good angle. This is a watercolour landscape , with long dry stone walls, bleached fields and deep green/black coppices. It’s on the edge of the Peak National Park, but here not quite the harsh moorland, it’s sheep and cattle country, small fields. First I went through Froghall and the ironworks deep in the Churnet Valley, then up top through Whiston and onto some narrow back lanes. Some of the things I have tried for years to capture I still can’t, the only way is through drawing, so I’ll have to borrow my friends car and get out there with my sketch book. There will be a few more photographs soon.





The Unknown – Spirituality by Tim Diggles

This is a site I contribute too and well worth visiting.

Renegade Writers

Everything can be learnt.

That is true, and it is not true.

When we meet at Renegades much of what we discuss are the technical issues in our writing. As we read aloud we can gauge, through the reactions of a fine group of people, whether we have made people laugh at the right (or wrong) place; made our points clearly or lost everyone in the mire; driven a plot in the right direction or sent people on a pointless journey, and so on and so forth.

These aspects of writing are things we can learn through attending the writing group, by reading books and blogs, attending workshops and courses. What is much harder is that unknown element which makes our writing not just words on a page but something memorable. I will call it spirituality; one could also call it genius, vision, any number of words – it is…

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I was nominated last week by a friend on Facebook to do a photograph each day for five days which inspired me, made me smile or were awesome. ‘Awesome’ isn’t exactly a word I use, but it was interesting and I enjoyed doing it. So here are the five in order from Monday to Friday all taken on my Acer mobile phone.