On Thursday I drove about 20 minutes away from my flat, beyond Leek to the Staffordshire moors. The road rises  and rises then runs along an ‘edge’ as they are known. Along there is the Mermaid Inn (now a self catering holiday place), once a very bleak pub out on the moors, they could easily have filmed Jamaica Inn there, it is always chilly and windy and the area gets snowed in before almost anywhere else. The weather can change quickly up here, and within a few minutes the day went from a warm late autumn day to cold rain. There is a pool (Blake Mere) which I photographed (as have many thousands of others) which is supposed to have a mermaid living in it who lured young men leaving the pub on dark nights into the bottomless pool. It is a landscape etched with dry stone walls (walls where stone is laid and fitted to each other rather than cemented together) and it is wonderful to think that all those thousands of miles of dry stone walls being made by people over many hundreds of years; they would have dug out and shaped the stones then with remarkable skill built the walls which because of the gaps can withstand high winds and big winters. There will be more photographs from this visit to come soon.





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