San Francisco January 1979

I was talking to a friend over the weekend about a visit I made in early January 1979 to San Francisco, so here are a few ‘holiday snaps’ I did a long time ago. It makes me think what I would do now? Would I still take these generalised photographs, a sort of ‘I’ve been there’ image? It is hard to take more interesting images when you first visit a place, though perhaps using digital would help, I was 24 when I took these, I was travelling all over the US by train, cash was tight and using slide film the cheapest way of photographing. These were taken on an Olympus OM-1 using a standard 1.4 50mm lens on Ektachrome 200. Now I often take a couple of hundred images of just a short street, however, would I have ‘experienced’ the place so much if I had constantly been photographing it? I liked the winter light in SF, I’d love to go back but doubt I will ever have the funds to do so. Some of these have been up on my blog before.

Scanned at

Scanned at

Scanned at

Scanned at

Scanned at


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