Mellow Yellow – Burslem Photo Walk 1

Artist Chris Reader led a photo walk around Burslem as a follow up to her PCNS exhibition. One of her main subjects are the double yellow parking lines, so along with looking at the town we were urged to look at the shapes they create, the way they wear down or replaced. I had worked in Burslem for around 10 years and know it ‘backwards’ but oddly except for photographing work events have never photographed in Burslem. So this was new, as was working in a group, there were 7 of us. I probably wouldn’t have covered as much in one go without the group and concentrated on one much smaller area, but I thoroughly enjoyed being with people I had never met (except for Chris). For those outside my area, Burslem is the oldest of the 6 towns which make up Stoke-on-Trent. It is now a bit lost with many schemes to develop it and get it back to its former ‘glory’ which all seem to founder. There are some fine crumbling buildings alongside new builds. I didn’t photograph the feature buildings (the angel on the former Town Hall appears) as they can be found all over the place and it is well worth looking at images of the Wedgwood Institute, an empty building that must be amongst the finest Victorian buildings in the UK. I notice I ended up with a lot of doors and gates.











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