Ethical Appetite

I’m not sure how ethical it is to use someone else’s exhibition as compositional matter, but I have, and anyway I am older than he is so am allowed to! In Stoke-on-Trent’s city centre, Hanley, there is an exhibition of photographs by one of my favourite photographers Mark Power called The City of Six Towns organised through Grain and Appetite Stoke. It’s an outdoor show, though my criticism of it is that it doesn’t use the space, it is an indoor show put outside, the exhibition designer could and should have done a lot better in using the space. The photographs don’t really offer me a new or different view of where I live, as I’d expected they are technically excellent, but there are a couple of lazy shots (the elderly woman struggling past a pole dancing class; the homeless man), but everyone working in the arts does lazy work, some make a very good living from it! The exhibition is certainly in a position which many people will see a show and discuss the content, even if as I would guess many disagree with Mark Power’s viewpoint of the city (which I don’t). Many will see the show who would not venture into a gallery, that is important and one of the main points of the Appetite funding. It is also good to get artists from outside the area to show work and work here, too often ‘local’ artists only get funding and new ideas not shared.

So on my first visit  to the show in gloom (it isn’t lit properly) I could see the possibilities for compositions, and yesterday I took a few, one of these I call a lazy image, very obvious.






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