Half Mile – Choosing, Photowalks


My one person exhibition Half Mile opens at the Photographers’ Collective North Staffordshire Gallery at Burslem School of Art on January 20th and runs until March 20th. It comprises of 29 photographs – a combination of images from the completed Flat Life; the ongoing Streets Project; and others which fit the criteria. All are taken inside or within half a mile of my one-bedroomed flat. Originally it was 30 images but the glass broke in one frame as we were hanging!


I could have shown a lot more if I hadn’t framed them but mounted them on foamboard, but I wanted the formality of the mounts and frames, it makes a statement.

The hardest thing of course is to choose what to show; curate I think is the ‘posher’ word. I decided on the ‘mix’ rather than concentrate on one project, something I went over many times, regularly thinking maybe only Flat Life or only Streets images would have worked better. My main thought was that I didn’t want to compromise.

By that I mean that the photographs I have chosen are not particularly the most saleable, such as the close ups of plants, rustic French doors and so on which you can find on this site. Half Mile represents the projects I set myself where I am looking at shape, composition, tone rather than the content. If they are also aesthetically pleasing then all the better.

A principal criteria for choice was whether the photograph was what I intended when I set out to take it, and if it fitted the projects’ aims and objectives. I didn’t want any lazy photographs.

My choice changed right up to the day of hanging. For instance initially I used the image below on the left, with the cyclist, but felt that took away from the composition, we naturally focus on a person in an image, maybe creating a story for them, that was not what I wanted; so I replaced it with the image on the right the day before hanging.

tunnel1  tunnel2

It is not easy, though even if I showed two hundred pictures there would still be the same issues! As part of the show I am having a Private View and Photowalks. The Private View date is yet to be decided as I plan to have it on a Saturday day time when Burslem School of Art is usually closed.

The first Photowalk will be on Sunday 22nd February at 11am, meeting at Tunstall Primary Care Centre (ST6 6BE) and go for about a mile and a half along some of the old railway tracks and lanes in Tunstall, past the sites of around 10 of the photographs in Half Mile. Go to the dedicated Facebook Page if you are interested in taking part.

The second on a date to be decided will be an indoor event reflecting Flat Life.

I have produced an Online Catalogue on ISSUU which is available here to view or download. I hope as many of you as possible can come along and see the show, Burslem School of Art is open Monday to Friday in the daytime.

There is also an opportunity to win one of the framed photographs, more of that in another blog!




5 thoughts on “Half Mile – Choosing, Photowalks

  1. Great! I love the concept very much, it is sensitive and clever…Congratulations for your exhibition and the online catalogue that is so well made from the graphic point of view… so clean…
    It is a pity I am a bit far away, would love to see everything life!!

    …and one more thing, as you did love the music from Josephine Foster, I would recommend now Marissa Nadler, see if it makes sense to you… (…smiling…)


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