Nuts again – grrrrr

Today a blog came in to my Reader from The Gravel Ghost where she photographed an orchard. In August last year I visited a friend in France, opposite his home is a hazelnut orchard and after seeing this on a previous visit I had plans of photographing it. I wanted the dappled light and strong colours, the hosepipes creating unnatural lines amongst the growing shapes. What felt a perfect day came, butafter seeing what I had done I hadn’t captured what I was looking for. Maybe the settings or lens or camera or my ability weren’t subtle enough, I could see that long exposures at 25iso on Kodachrome film were probably most suitable, not the digital camera I had. It’s really annoying when these things happen, but I keep trying with the images I have. I can see that probably winter shots may be the best, but I am a long way from there! So seeing Gravel Ghost’s shots in black and white I went back to the images I had (about 200) and worked in Adobe Lightroom on some of them in black and white, and feel they are somewhat closer to what I was looking for. Strangely they have come out like images taken on high contrast film, almost in negative. I will try not to work on them any more and just wait for my next French visit.






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