Tim Diggles as… 1

My new Project for 2015 is each month I will take a self portrait photograph as someone in a photograph or painting I appreciate. I’ve started fairly easily with Dylan Thomas (in my version considerably balder), when I think he was directing Under Milk Wood in NYC. The smoking certainly wasn’t easy and I kept forgetting to take my glasses off. There will be some more adventurous subjects in the coming months.


8 thoughts on “Tim Diggles as… 1

    1. Thank you Kari. I’m interested in the absurd in these. I am going to ‘play’ a character on the image, sometimes I may look a bit like the person, but also sometimes be a ‘grotesque’. They will be people and images from films, photographs, paintings I like, of people I admire and some I don’t! Rather like my Still Life project I am beginning it without an understanding why, that is something I may or may not find out. Tx


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