Bus Journey

On Thursday after Renegade Readers the snow was falling and as usual with about one inch everything ground down to a snail’s pace. I missed the shorter bus journey so had to take the long way round, sitting in queues and slithering around side roads I became very interested in how the brightness of the snow outside effected the inside light. The flattening effect of the snow was also creating a contrasting and very complex compositional effect from where I sat, so I took a few shots on my phone. On Kidsgrove Bank, a fairly steep hill, the traffic ground to a halt and was moving at walking pace and the overgrown ‘woods’ looked interesting as well with the dirty window adjusting the colours.









3 thoughts on “Bus Journey

    1. Thanks, these were only with my phone camera, that 50:50 division interested me greatly and I may try and work further on it. I think sometimes the basic camera in a phone deals with some things more successfully than when we take our time with the usual camera!


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