Month: February 2015

Renegade Readers – Feb 26th 2015

Renegade Readers met at Newcastle under Lyme Library on 26th February. There were a couple of new members which was great. It was the usual eclectic selection of passages and poems read out by attendees. Please follow the links for information about authors, books and texts.

Tom Rob Smith‘s novel set in Stalinist Russia – Child 44

W B Yeats beautiful poem – A Prayer for my Daughter

Gunter Grass‘s second part of his ‘autobiography’ – The Box

Lawrence Scott‘s novel based in Trinidad – Night Calypso

Carole Satyamurti‘s poem – Day Trip which was one of the many in the wonderful Poems on the Underground scheme

Tennyson‘s poem based on Mariana from Measure for Measure – Mariana in the Moated Grange 

Lynn Shepherd‘s novel based on a character from Bleak House – The Solitary House – Tom-All-Alones

Felix Dennis‘ poem written in the West Indies – Perfect Day (includes reading by the poet)

Elma Mitchell‘s poem – This Poem… (article on Elma Mitchell includes This Poem…)

The next meeting is on Thursday March 26th at 11am at Newcastle under Lyme Library, all are welcome to come along and either read something or just to listen. There is no theme and any form of writing is most welcome.



I was at a couple of meetings this week and at the Photographers’ Collective we talked about our first cameras and how we got into photography. Photography was for me a tool towards my other art work, whether to gather images (easier than drawing) or documenting. What I failed to say was that really my main thing was being a film maker and the absolute importance in my life of certain films and the language of film. So here is a photograph from 1978 of me directing a long lost film of mine called ‘Home and Away’ (yes I know an Aussie soap title many years later!), my great friend George Richards was on camera (an Arriflex) and looking for what I am seeing. I would think this is taken by another great friend the artist Marty St James. I still know them both and value their great and supportive friendship for over 40 years! I see my long gone Olympus 35RD is in my hand, how I wish I’d kept it!


This selfie was taken yesterday. The poster, which I pass most days, is an inspiration for a short story I am writing which I hoped to read at last night’s Renegade Writers, but it wasn’t really ready.