Bond Street

The next street in my Streets Project is Bond Street, two streets down from where I live. Bond Street runs East-West up a hill from High Street to Summerbank Road. At the High Street end there is a tree which I have photographed many times. There are some alleyways leading off and it is a street of poor quality terraced houses, built often in fours and sixes. It could not be more different than the Bond Street in London which is the home of jewellers and designers, probably all the houses and all the inhabitant’s incomes would amount to just one piece of jewellery in some of the windows there. It is one of the most deprived streets in Stoke-on-Trent, there are usually between a quarter and a third of the houses empty, many for years and boarded up. I think it is where some houses have been on offer for £1, which has been highlighted in the national press. The population is very fluid, often only in the houses for the minimum six months, though there are a number of families who have long roots there. You may have noticed in this Project that some of the houses have white walls, these are ones (like my flat) which have been covered by insulation under a Government scheme, attempting to help people keep houses warm and use less fuel, it seems to work on mine.

I took these on a cold misty morning in February 2015, a bit obvious in that it makes the street look even gloomier.

bond1  bond2















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