I was at a couple of meetings this week and at the Photographers’ Collective we talked about our first cameras and how we got into photography. Photography was for me a tool towards my other art work, whether to gather images (easier than drawing) or documenting. What I failed to say was that really my main thing was being a film maker and the absolute importance in my life of certain films and the language of film. So here is a photograph from 1978 of me directing a long lost film of mine called ‘Home and Away’ (yes I know an Aussie soap title many years later!), my great friend George Richards was on camera (an Arriflex) and looking for what I am seeing. I would think this is taken by another great friend the artist Marty St James. I still know them both and value their great and supportive friendship for over 40 years! I see my long gone Olympus 35RD is in my hand, how I wish I’d kept it!


This selfie was taken yesterday. The poster, which I pass most days, is an inspiration for a short story I am writing which I hoped to read at last night’s Renegade Writers, but it wasn’t really ready.



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