Tim Diggles as… 2

This month’s self portrait photograph was one I was thinking about from the start, based on the (in)famous session with Christine Keeler in 1963 shot by Lewis Morley. It was part of the storm which eventually brought down the Tory Government, I won’t go into it here but it is worth reading about. I was interested in the contact sheet, this was the third and final roll of film shot, Christine Keeler had been asked to take her clothes off, she was reluctant, but this was to promote a possible film and they insisted, and from it came one of the iconic images of the 1960’s. I did this now because when I was walking home from doing some landscapes I came across the chair, which was similar to the original, dumped on a pile of old furniture on some wasteland. I had some difficulty with the lighting, so have darkened the background somewhat, it took nearly four hours to shoot, as this is self portrait and using an electronic shutter release. If you are concerned the ‘thing’ peeping out on the right hand side of photo below is my ileostemy bag (I had a major op 12 years ago because of ulcerative colitis). It was an interesting ‘shoot’ and I think I have learnt a lot, the ‘studio’ is in my front room, which is not big so I ended up using a wider angle lens than I planned to.



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