Gates retaken and some doors…

My blog a few days ago featured some gates, however they were taken on my phone, which does a fairly good job, but in the narrow confines of the back alleys did not get the images as I wanted. So yesterday I went back (it’s only about half a mile) with my wide angle lens (a 10-22 zoom) and camera and took what I was wanting when I saw them, plus a few large doors. What interested me about the black gate was its ‘painterly’ quality, it’s like some large 50’s/60’s minimal abstract painting, which is far from minimal with its surfaces and forms, I have included the wider image as well. The other I retook is one I call (as a file name as I refuse to give titles) Schwitters gate, which I feel works well both wide and closer up, I love that line of daubed paint leading from the centre along with the various pieces of wood hammered on. The large doors offer scapes of tone and surface and I liked the very tiny numbers which concentrate the compositional elements.








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