Tim Diggles as…. 5

This month’s photograph is an attempt to recreate something of the feel of Robert Capa‘s photograph for Magnum of Matisse (video link) in his studio in the south of France 1948, in my front room. The different size of rooms was probably the greatest problem, so I had to use a very wide angle lens, which changes the feel. I enjoyed trying to recreate the Matisse artworks and drawing them gave me a great appreciation (if I didn’t have it already) of his genius. I used a conte crayon on lining paper rather than the charcoal Matisse used, it was for me easier to get the smooth curves. The pose was reasonably easy to recreate, I tried it with the camera lower as Capa’s was but the wide angle lens distorted the image too greatly. So as with all these it is the compromise of working in the limitations of my flat’s front room and the learning from what were two great masters of their art.


8 thoughts on “Tim Diggles as…. 5

  1. I find these exciting and inspirational. I have only recently pulled out a copy of a catalogue of Andy Warhol photobooth photos, to see if I could recreate some of the Edie Sedgwick strips when I am next in my favourite booth. I see you have done Warhol himself for this series. I cannot wait to see what comes next!


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