Super Photoman zooms into action…

Super Photoman! Well almost.

A good friend I’ve known since 1972 at Leek School of Art rang me last Saturday for some advice on photographing her work, as she was entering work in for an exhibition and they would be looking for ‘well taken’ images, and only one of each piece. As she was in London and the photographs she had taken not of the desired quality (the work below was very hard to photograph), I zoomed down on the train on Sunday (the deadline was Sunday midnight) and after a pretty gruelling 7 hours got two images that were right for the application.

These are by Louise Whittles, the top one called Ruff is based on 17th Century ruffs made in clear plastics with metallic fabric and steel; the bottom Cloud is based on drawings she had done. They were both very hard to photograph as we had to use natural light at her studio in London Fields and it was rather rainy outside, so long exposures were necessary. I enjoyed the challenge of photographing the materials, surfaces and reflections.




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