Renegade Readers – October 29th 2015

Renegade Readers met today at Newcastle Library and we welcomed two newcomers. It was as ever an eclectic mix of work read out.

The following were read (follow the links for texts and information about the books and writers):

A passage from Georges Simenon‘s notebooks from the early 1960’s When I Was Old

John Dryden‘s poem Absolom and Achitophel

Sir John Suckling‘s poem Love Turned to Hatred 

Philip Larkin‘s poem Toads (video of Larkin reading Toads)

A passage from Ferdinand von Schirach‘s novel The Girl Who Wasn’t There

W H Auden‘s poem O Tell Me The Truth About Love 

Deborah Levy‘s short story Black Vodka from her collection of the same title

The next meeting is at 11am on Thursday 26th November at Newcastle-under-Lyme Library, all are welcome to come and read or just to listen. There are no themes or style or genre or type of book. Because the last Thursdays in December are the 24th and 31st (so some of you may be a bit busy), we will be meeting on January 7th instead.




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