What Tim’s Been Listening To 2015 (WTBLT 2015)


Since I think 1999 I have put together a ‘mix tape’ (which is on CD) of music I’ve been listening to over the past 12 months. I send this to a select group of people with their Christmas card, or give it out to friends as and when. Over the past couple of years I have created a blog out of the music and last year created a Spotify Playlist.

So here is 2015’s offering, a mix of a few old tracks but mainly ones out in 2015 which I hope you’ll enjoy. I start gathering the music in a file in January and by November have about 150 tracks which are edited down to on this one 18, on the Spotify Playlist there are an extra 10.

I enjoy doing it some of my friends seem to enjoy it (some kindly don’t say if they don’t). The cover is made up of a picture from The Tree series over each month of the past year.

This is the 2015 Spotify Playlist, I hope you enjoy it. There was one track which didn’t appear on Spotify by the wonderful Foxtails Brigade.

For those interested here is the 2014 Playlist.



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