Renegade Readers – January 29th 2016

It was good to see a new participator as well as the regular readers. As usual a wide variety of pieces were read out and thoroughly discussed as well as many issues which arose from those discussions! A lovely couple of hours as ever.

The pieces read included:

The Trout a poem by John Montague

A passage from Brideshead Revisited (link to the audiobook read by Sir John Gielgud on You Tube) by Evelyn Waugh

Patrick Kavanagh‘s poem Bluebells for Lovethis letter may be interesting as background to the poem

A passage from Rose Tremain‘s novel Merivel

A passage from Wordsworth‘s Prelude about his ascent of Snowdon

A passage from The Story of The Treasure Seekers (link to the full text on Project Gutenberg) by Edith Nesbit

A passage from The Crying Tree a novel by Naseem Rakha

We meet again on Thursday February 25th from 11am until 1pm at Newcastle-under-Lyme Library, it is free to attend, all are welcome whether you read something or just listen.



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