Mynydd Marian – Telegraph Hill

I know a version of this picture has been on here before, but in mid winter it’s sometimes good to see the summer and revisit a favourite site. At Renegade Readers on Thursday Carol (who read out the Wordsworth) asked if we felt a spiritual awakening when looking at landscapes, especially mountains, I don’t really and far prefer the fenlands, the Downs or like here the rolling landscape of North and Mid Wales and especially the border lands between Wales and England. This image awakens in me memories (which I used in a poem) and because it is not spectacular a sort of calmness and a fascination with the patterns of the fields and trees. My father did many watercolours around here and in one he found a geometric formula in the shapes he saw. I’m not a person who particularly reacts to the spectacular, which I hope comes across in my writing and photographs. This image is a panorama made up of 11 images taken in late August 2013, looking south from the top of Mynydd Marian (known when I was a child as Telegraph Hill), Llysfaen in North Wales, turn around and you see the Irish Sea. If asked about my favourite places this is usually one of them.

I must try and get there again this year.

Click on it to see it better enlarged.



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