Renegade Readers May 26th 2015

Renegade Readers met at Newcastle-under-Lyme Library and as always an eclectic mix of pieces were read out and as usual there were some rather interesting crossovers.

The pieces read out included:

Leeds Trams from Alan Bennett‘s Writing Home (link to Alan Bennett reading Leeds Trams)

Grey Magic for Cat Lovers from Jan Edwards Fables and Fabrications available from Penkhull Press

A passage from Lionel Blue‘s Kitchen Blues

Rudyard Kipling‘s poems The Betrothed and The Absent Minded Beggar

A passage from Love Nina by Nina Stibbe

A passage from Penelope Fitzgerald‘s novel The Beginning of Spring

Derek Walcott‘s poem Love After Love (link to the poem read by Tom Hiddleston)

J Milton Hayes‘ poem The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God 

The group will meet again at 11am on Thursday June 30th at Newcastle-under-Lyme Library, all are very welcome to attend whether you wish to read something or listen. It’s a most enjoyable couple of hours with plenty of discussion and there is no theme and all types of writing are accepted. It was noted at this months meeting how many new things people find to follow up alongside pieces one may have forgotten about or not heard for many years.



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