Objects Periphery completed

I have reached 40 photographs in the Objects Periphery series today and will now end the series as I am going for an operation this week, and it will be a few weeks before I get back to doing things, so it seems a good place to stop. I will make a book of the images and hopefully find somewhere to exhibit them. The full series can be seen on the page on this site.

I have had a couple of e-mails asking me about how I make these, technically, and the photo below shows the set-up. I used the same piece of grey paper in the same position in my work room, using the natural light from the window which can be varied with the blinds, sometimes I added a white or gold reflector to lighten shadows. They were shot in the morning as that was the best light. I use a Canon D700 camera and used either a Canon 40mm or 55mm fixed lens on my 30 year-old Slik tripod, taking about twenty raw images at various settings from f1.8 to f22 and one/two stops above/below, at ISO100. Most of the final images are created using 3-5 original images mixed in Photoshop, then finished in Lightroom.


All have been finished to 10×8 landscape format in black and white from colour originals. The idea derived from two projects I undertook in 2014, Flat Life and Still Life. After talking to my friend Penny Vincent I plan another series which may use objects people bring or suggest to me, that may be something I will start as I am recuperating over the next few months.


2 thoughts on “Objects Periphery completed

  1. Hi Tim, Beautiful, comforting n elegant colour combination; that unique shade of green matched to that dark brown, the medium low rays that give Light to the room. I do hope for you, that the operation goes well, n you blog again soonest. Take care.

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