Today artist Nicola Winstanley has organised an online day for artists to show what they are doing – https://www.facebook.com/events/895895103875427/ , #sotaaw, so I have reached Midday and over the past hour and a half have been working on a self-portrait, the cover of my What Tim’s Been Listening To in 2016 and the initial stages of my next Tim Diggles as… series, which will possibly be the actor John Mills.

dsc_0063 My ‘studio’ set up

dsc_0065 Oskar watching on

dsc_0066 The John Mills image I am planning to recreate dsc_0067 Transferring images from SD Card to PC dsc_0069  Quick bit of work on the WTBLT 2016 coverdsc_0071 First look in Adobe Lightroom at imagesdsc_0074 Colour or…dsc_0075 … black and whitedsc_0077 ‘John Mills’ image, decide I need wider angle lens, work on the hand position and higher angle when doing the actual photograph.

dsc_0078 Quick reshoot to try and get the hand holding the fag (made of rolled up post-it note) better.

dsc_0079 bit better, work on the higher angle next.


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