What Tim’s Been Listening To 2016


Since 1999 (with a short gap in the mid 2000’s when I didn’t have a computer) I have been putting together a ‘mix tape’ on CD of music I have been listening to over the past year and send it to a highly select group of friends with their Christmas card, it’s an enjoyable thing to do and amazingly some people like my taste! Over the last few years I have also featured the selection on this blog so sharing this collection with the rest of the World (aren’t you lucky).

The selection can be found on this Spotify Playlist, and I would urge you to listen to all the tracks as they actually have a reason for where they are. Most are recordings from 2016 but as usual there are some older tracks. Three albums came out I had been looking forward to in 2016 by Foxtails Brigade, The Hosts and The Handsome Family, people who should be heard much more. It’s been a strange year as two great favourites have died who have played a great part in my life; Leonard Cohen who I end with and David Bowie. Bowie’s track comes from when I was about 17 and that’s how I like to remember him, Cohen’s from his last album and he seems to speak for people getting that bit older and reflecting.

The Spotify Playlists are here for 2015 and 2014 if you are interested.


One thought on “What Tim’s Been Listening To 2016

  1. I feel very honored to be one of your recipients of this, have kept all of them, love the covers, love the variety of music and love the fact that it gives me a little snippet into the flavour and colour of your year. Thanks Mr Diggles – long may the ‘What Tim’s been listening to’ compilation last… xxx

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