Photowalk – Festival Park

Photographers Collective North Staffs organise photowalks under the guise of Photowalk Network, it’s well worth a good search around the site as you may see another view of Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire than you may have or I give you. Yesterday we met at Festival Park which was the site of The National Garden Festival in 1986, it was built on the huge space left after Shelton Bar steelworks was demolished. Much of what is seen now is an out of town shopping area, with cinema, hotel and office spaces; but there is also an equally large inner city space of woodland with walks, an area fairly close to me but which I have never got round to visit. So yesterday’s walk gave me a glimpse which I hope to go to many more times. As I didn’t know the landscape I mainly took photographs of the other photographers which we could use on the Photowalk Network site (that will be a future blog), but I did take a few others. The light was a bit flat, I like it either bright low sun or rainy/foggy, but I got a few images. The colours were interesting as they were set against the pale brown carpet of last year’s leaves.


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