Available Light

This is a self-portrait using available light taken at about 2.30am, there is a streetlight in the next street which reflects against a wall which gave the back light. I did it after doing a posting on my Facebook site about Edvard Munch’s amazing night-time self-portraits; so as there are times I wander round the house at unearthly hours and see myself in mirrors in that strange light, I thought I would do one. This was a 3 minute exposure at f8 iso100 for those who wish to know these things, it created a softness and I definitely moved!


3 thoughts on “Available Light

    1. Yes, please send a friend ‘thingy’, I have been doing an ‘Art Day’ about 4-5 days a week for a few months, I’m on number 77, I have chosen on alternate days male/women artists. Look forward to your request. Thinking about it I should have done it as a blog, maybe something for another time in the future. Thanks for your interest.

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