The end of the series…

A couple of weeks ago I ended my series Objects Natural. As part of the ‘ending process’ I get the images made up into photobooks, it sort of finishes the whole thing in my mind and I move on. At that time an ad came up in Facebook from Saal, a German photographic printing company, offering their Photo Booklet with a £20 off voucher. I hadn’t thought of doing the books previously with a ring-bind, now I wish I had, as they are so much easier to look through and a lot cheaper.

Saal’s software is much better than most and the printing is really good quality even in these their cheapest range of photobooks (and you don’t get their company logo on the back!). The images are 10″x 8″ and fill the pages with a good border, the cover a semi-clear plastic.

Eventually, I would like to see at least some of the series exhibited at around 50″ x 40″ which is how I thought of the images as I took them, and I hope I will be able to use this book to persuade someone to support a show. So, thanks Saal, you did a great job and I got great value. If you are interested in buying a print of one of the Objects Natural images e-mail me at


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