HOMe-hOUSE – new series/project for 2018

It’s the first of January, so time for my long thought of next series/project to begin. I have called it HOMe-hOUSE and begins with a sketch with notes of the front of the house where I live.

HOMe-hOUSE will explore where I have made my home and the environment which the house lives in, I want to find something out about its history and who lived here, explore its forms and shapes through photography, drawing/painting, writing, and maybe even some sound and moving image. This is not going to be Flat Life part 2, that was essentially about depression and loneliness which I was able to express through the photographs rather than the original very long poem I tried to write.

This is aimed to last through 2018 creating something on a weekly basis.


6 thoughts on “HOMe-hOUSE – new series/project for 2018

  1. Love this idea Tim and love the illustration. Really looking forward to seeing what you find out and what you create. As you know me and the husband are moving to a houseboat in March and also want to do a similar blog project about her history, her past owners and our own experiences of trying to make a creative home… have sent you something in the post which I hope you’ll enjoy. Love Jackie xx

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    1. Thank you, it’s an interesting area to explore. There is a BBC programme coming up called House (I think) which will look at the people who had previously lived in a Liverpool home, thought I’d get mine out before it, the idea has been on my idea board for a couple of months. I hope the drawing quality gets better as the project develops. I look forward to seeing what you sent and to what you find out. Tx


      1. Hi Tim. Yes, the programme on BBC TWO is called ‘A House Through Time’ and episode 1 is on January 4th from 9 – 10 p.m. I’m so looking forward to it! Your project looks interesting and exciting and I love the illustration.

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