HOMe-hOUSE 29 – Through the Doors sculpture

HOMe-hOUSE 29 – Through the Doors sculpture

This is a maquette of a sculpture which if made would use large black and white images fixed onto a fourfold screen. The images on one side look through the open downstairs doors of no.39 from the bathroom to outside in the street; on the other side the doors are closed. I envisage the piece to be about 7foot high and have used some stock image people to try and get a sense of the size (or maybe sculptures of people could be made as well). I made the sculpture rather than create it in Photoshop as I felt it may help me get an idea, maybe the images need more work on them, if I actually made the piece I would add drawings or smaller photographs enhancing part of the space.

The ‘inspiration’ came from a few sources including from my long past, a piece of work I made in 1974 at Cardiff College of Art during my first year, I was 19 or 20, based partly on the rock formations at Nash Point and my liking for Japanese screens. Luckily (??) my mother had kept a photograph (below) of it which I found after she died. Also, photographer Takeshi Shikama has made some beautiful screens from his photographs and that prompted a long thought out idea.

Note: The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that this is out of sequence, that is because I forgot to make a no.29 and the sequence went 28 to 30. Eventually, there will be 39 pieces in this HOMe-hOUSE project as the house number is 39. To see the previous pieces go to the HOMe-hOUSE Page.

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