HOMe-hOUSE 38 – The Road to 39

HOMe-hOUSE 38 – The Road to 39

This is a short film which features drawings of the houses and places I have lived in (barring one or two very short stays). Maps place where they are and you can follow the progression I have made over many years.

Click the image below to watch the video.


My original (and grandiose) idea was to buy a road and build all the houses beside it; have train rides; show my work; have one house for a cinema with my favourite films showing; readings of my poetry and a library of my writings – Digglesland – a bit like a cross between Dollywood and St.Fagans Museum. This may have been rather costly.

HH38digglesworlddrawing-1I began a model of it but it didn’t work out nor did an animation, but the film I have made was a fascinating cathartic process when drawing the houses and the memories or forgotten periods emerged.

I hope that I have not contravened too many copyrights, this is not made for financial gain and I would be happy to remove any copyrighted material if required.

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7 thoughts on “HOMe-hOUSE 38 – The Road to 39

    1. I was at Cardiff College of Art from 1973-76, it was in Howard Gardens sort of next door to the prison! It has now moved up to Llandaff. The College of Art in those days was a separate institution and became part of a much bigger one after I left. When I began degrees in art weren’t available, we did DipADs, but during my second-year things changed and I ended up with a BA(Hons), wish now I had decided to keep doing a DipAD, much fancier certificate!


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