Photographs 2013

In 2013 I gave myself the task of taking photographs each day as well as writing my blog. It didn’t fully work out but most days I did, there are also included are some slides going back to 1972 which have been digitised.

If you like any enough to want to use one please let me know and what for, just to sort permissions and so on. There would be no charge for non-profit purposes. Contact me on

Click thumbnails to enlarge photographs

31december20132 31december2013 31december20133 31december20134

15december20133 15december20134 15december20135  15december20137

15december20138 15december20139 15december201310 15december201311 15december20132

26december20138 17dec20132 17dec20131 15december20136

17dec20133 17dec20134  17dec20136 17dec20137

17dec20138 17dec20139 17dec201310 17dec201311 17dec201312

17dec201313 17dec201314 17dec201315 17dec20135

17dec201316 17dec201317 17dec201318 17dec201319

20december20134 20december20136  20december20138

20december20139 20december201310 20december201311

20december201312 20december201313 20december20137 20december201314  

25december201315 26december20131 26december20132 Scanned at

26december20133 26december20134 26december20136 26december20137

doorrevisited  20december20131 20december20133 20december201315

9december2013xxxxxxxxxxxxx 9december20131 9december2013xxxxxxxxxxxx 9december2013xxxxxxxxxx

9december2013xxxxxxxxx 9december2013xxxxxxx 9december2013xxxxxx 9december2013xxxxx

9december2013xxxx 9december2013xxx 9december2013xx

9december20132 9december20133

9december20134 9december20135 9december20136 9december20137

9december20138 9december20139 9december201310 9december201311

9december201312 9december201314 9december201313 9december201315

9december201316 9december201317 9december201318 9december201319

9december201320 9december201321 9december201322 9december201323

france114 france111 france113

6December20132 6December20131 5December20131

3december20133 3december20134 3december20132 2december13

truckbw truck2

301113-5 301113-4 301113-3 301113-2

foambeachstripes Scanned at Scanned at exhibitionpicpeopleshads

24november2013 leaves1 leaves2

20barkshad1 20barkshad3 20barkshad4 19november20131

20novtreerevisted2  tree5 20novdrippingrevisted tree4

Dripping1 Dripping1bw Dripping2 Dripping2bw

 20novtreerevisted  14november2013 20novgate2

tree3 tree2 tree1 sketchbook1972

arm bloodpressuremachine hospitalcorner Scanned at

Scanned at Scanned at poster 3110136

3110131 3110132 3110133 3110134 3110135

3010131 3010133 3010134 3010132

25october13 25october132 Scanned at Scanned at

torch5 torch3 torch2 torch4

telehillplants1 telehillplants2 telehillplants3 telehillplants5

telehillplants4 telehillplants7 telehillplants11

rain121oct13 rain251oct13 rain231oct13 wildstrawautumn

Scanned at Scanned at wpid-DSC_0038.jpg hospital4

hospital1 hospital2 hospital3visitingtime hospital5

Scanned at Scanned at Scanned at Scanned at

selfp1 selfp5 selfp4 selfp2

autumnfield-23 autumnfield-22 autumnfield-21 autumnfield-20

autumnfield-19  autumnfield-18 autumnfield-17 autumnfield-16

autumnfield-13 autumnfield-12 autumnfield-11 autumnfield-10

autumnfield-14 autumnfield-8 autumnfield autumnfield-4

autumnfield-7 autumnfield-6  autumnfield-3 autumnfield-2

20 18 17 13

10 9 7 6

5 4 3 2

Scanned at Scanned at nightwalk nightwalk3

Scanned at 20sept2013 fencechalforda saltycat

fencechalford3 fencechalford2 llysfaenclwyds llysfaentosnowdonia

Scanned at Scanned at Scanned at Scanned at

llysfaenwalls1 llysfaenwalls3 llysfaenwalls2 llysfaenwalls4

thillpano3 thillpano2 thillpano1

Scanned at Scanned at Scanned at Scanned at

20130911-6 20130911-7 20130911-8 20130911-5

20130911-3 20130911-2 20130909-9 20130911-4

20130911-1  2sept20134 20130909-8 20130909-7

20130909-3 20130909-2 20130909-6 20130909-1

20130909-4 2sept20136 2sept20135 2sept20133

2sept20132 2sept20131 20130911-9

smallgates1 cobgates1 cobridgegates2 smallthornegates1

Scanned at llysfaensculpture2 Scanned at Scanned at

Scanned at Scanned at Scanned at

24aug2013teazle2 24aug2013teazle1 Scanned at 15july2013

Scanned at Scanned at Scanned at Scanned at

14aug20132 14aug2013 10august20138 10august20131

5august20139 7august20137   7august20136 7august20135

7august20138 7august20134 7august20133 7august20132

5july2014bw 5july2014 2aug2013 29july2013

26july20139 26july2013b 26july20137 26july20139

26july20134 26july20131 25july2013 19july2103-2

12july20133 12july20132 12july2013

11july20134 11july20133 11july20132 7august20135 

7july20134 7july20133 7july20132 7july20131-2 

6july2013smithchildstreet 6july2013newfieldstreet 6july2013bondstreet 30june20133-2

 1july2013  30june20132 30june20131 3july2013

beachcolour-2 beachcolour beach4 

27june20133 27june20132 27june2013427june20131

25june2013beach1 (4) 25june2013beach1 (3) 25june2013beach1 (5) 25june2013beach1

Hollie22fromManchester (1 of 1) 19june2013 (1 of 1) 20june2013

18june20133 (1 of 1) 18june20131 (1 of 1) 18june20134 18june20132 (1 of 1)

13june2013 12june2013 10june20131 10june2013

leavessmall 4june2013 16may2013

29may20132bw 29may20131bw1 29may20132 29may20131  

26may20132 26may20133 26may20131 13may20132

24may2013e 24may2013c 24may2013b 24may2013a

24may2013d 16may20132 16may20131 16may20133 

13may20133 13may20131

12may20133 12may20131 12may20132

11may20131 11may2013 11may20133 8may2013

7may20132 7may2013 6may2013

3may20135 3may20134 3may20133 3may20132

2may2013 3may20131 1may20131 30april20131

30april20133  30april20132 27april2013 27april20133

27april20132  26april20132 22april2013

  19april20132 18april20132 20april2013

18april20131 18april20133 francetrees 16april20133

16april2013 16april20132 15april2013 15april20132 

13april2013  12april2013  10april2013 LC19799thapril2013  

Borthbeach19798april2013 NYC19787april2013 6april20131 3april2013

  29march20134 29march20131 29march20133

29march20132 28march2013 30june20132 26march2013 

25march2013  23march2013 23march20132 22march20131

22march20132 19march2013 22march20133 20march2013

18march2013 18march2013bw 17march2013 16march2013 

418 14march2013 13march2013  8thmarch2013

6thmarch2013 5march2013 21march2013

23feb2013 22feb2013 22feb20132 wpid-DSC_0061.jpg 

wpid-DSC_0051.jpg 20feb20132 20feb2013 19feb20135

19feb201310 19feb20139 19feb20137 19feb20136

19feb20133 19feb20132 19feb20131

18feb2013 17feb2013 16feb20132 16feb2013

15feb2013 14feb20131 13feb2013 12feb2013

school12feb2013drawings 11jan2013 10feb2013 9feb2013

8feb2013bw 8feb2013 7feb2013 6feb2013

5feb2013 4feb2013 3jan2013 2feb2013

1feb2013 26jan2013triptich 31jan20131 31jan20132

30jan20132 30jan2013 28jan2013 27jan2013

25jan2013 24jan2013 23jan2013 22jan20132

22jan2013 21jan2013 20jan20131 20jan20132

19jan2013 18jan2013 17jan2013 16jan2013

15jan2013 14jan2013 13jan2013 12jan2013

11jan2013 10jan2013 9jan20132 9jan20131

8jan20132 7jan2013 6jan2013 5jan2013

4jan20132 4jan2013 3jan20133 2jan2013



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