Doors, Gates and Windows

There is a common thread running through of Doors, Gates and Windows. These offer the compositional elements I so like in Ben Nicholson and Mondrian, along with painterly aspects of worn, painted and rusted surfaces, and the intriguing prospect of what is on the other side. They reflect the initiative of people to fill a gap with whatever is at hand or the fear of letting people into their world.

To see them best please click the ‘thumbnail’ to enlarge and if you wish to use one please contact me at There would be no charge for an image used for a non-profit purpose as long as I agree with it!

blackbarbedwiregate greencornergate olddoorgate washinglinegate blackandrustgate brickedupgate brownmendedgate schwittersdoors rust&blackgateoriginal rust&blackgatefull rust&blackgate browndoors bluegreendoors noparkinggate prickgate gap  newbluegate hobbitdoor chalkedgate brickedupdoor gategatedoorgate3 whitedoor passage bluestripegates bathdoorsblackgate blackgaragedoor oldgatecobridge2 oldgatecobridge blackbluedoor olddoor palebluedoors purplegate 10dec5 Summerbank12 Summerbank8 Summerbank17 garages26115 bond8 gatemarch31 gatemarch32 gatemarch33 gatemarch34 gatemarch35 gatemarch12 gatemarch11 gatemarch310 gatemarch39 gatemarch38 gatemarch37 gatemarch36 gatemarch13 gatemarch14 gatemarch15 francegaterelook1 francegaterelook2 francegaterelook3 greengate  bluepaintedgate cementgate greensteelgate rustydotsgate blackgates redgates whitecirclegate woodgate doorgatefr5 doorgatefr4 doorgatefr6a normandycemetry1 frgate10 frgate11 frgate12 doorgatesfr9 doorgatesfr8 doorgatesfr7 23jan2013 28jan2013 13feb2013 25march2013 29march20133 8may2013 11may2013 11may20131 16may2013 10june2013 fencechalforda burntgate 3110133 20novgate2 3110131 doorrevisited 17dec20135 17dec201313 17dec201314 17dec201316 17dec201317 20december20133 20december20134 20december201311 20december201312 20december201313 20december201315 20december201314 20december20131 26december20134 26december20138 1007 1008 1003 1019 1021 1022 1020 1018 70120142 chic 28012014 52 twogates 4feb20144 4feb20143 4feb201411 4feb201410 4feb20145 4feb20146 4feb20147 4feb20148 roylance10 roylance11 gaterevisit 24feb20141 24feb20142 24feb20143 24feb20144 24feb20146 24feb20147 coronation2 wilks7 bank14 america7 regmitch40 broomhill17 broomhill27 furlong6 furlong22 furlong25 furlong37 hurricane7 hawes7 madison14 madison18 Scanned at flatlife162 clanwaylane9 browngate greengate Staid8 frgate13 frgate14 frgate15 Scotia1 Scotia7 browngate2 nogate boulevard11 parkt6 machin7 machin9 roundwell7 wpid-img_20140816_110017.jpg doorgatefr1 doorgatefr2 doorgatefr3

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