Flat Life

Flat Life is a project looking at details of my environment. All are taken in my one bedroom flat using the natural light. They are about the ticking of a clock; the gaps between; the details unseen. This project was completed in 2014.

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20jan2014test2  cablex clock 

flatlife7 flatlife9  FlatLife7

Flat Life 8 Flat Life 9 Flat Life 10

Flat Life 11 Flat Life 12 Flat Life 13

FlatLife14 FlatLife19 FlatLife20

FlatLife15 FlatLife16 FlatLife17

FlatLife21 FlatLife25 FlatLife28

FlatLife29a FlatLife26 FlatLife22

flatlife31 flatlife32 flatlife34

flatlife38 FlatLife23 flatlife36

flatlife43 FlatLife24a flatlife39

flatlife33 FlatLife27 FlatLife30

flatlife37  flatlife42 flatlife35

FlatLife18 Flat Life 44 Flat Life 48

Flat Life 55 Flat Life 53 Flat Life 40

Flat Life 50 Flat Life 57 Flat Life 54

Flat Life 52 flatlife47 flatlife46

flatlife45 flatlife68 flatlife65

flatlife71 flatlife63 flatlife62

flatlife59 flatlife64 flatlife70

flatlife72 Flat Life 56 flatlife60

flatlife69 flatlife43 flatlife78

flatlife80 flatlife79 flatlife84

flatlife85 flatlife83 flatlife76

Flat Life 51 flatlife107 flatlife101

flatlife91 flatlife88 flatlife96

flatlife97 flatlife102 flatlife106

flatlife99 flatlife87 flatlife86

flatlife89 flatlife98 flatlife104

flatlife109 flatlife111 flatlife114

flatlife115 flatlife112 flatlife110

flatlife73 flatlife116 flatlife103

flatlife95 flatlife94 flatlife82

flatlife105 flatlife93 flatlife123

flatlife124 flatlife130 flatlife121

flatlife125  flatlife138 flatlife136

flatlife127 flatlife122 flatlife137

flatlife133 flatlife131 flatlife134

flatlife129 flatlife126 flatlife147

flatlife142 flatlife140 flatlife148

flatlife144 flatlife141 flatlife135

flatlife153 flatlife152 flatlife154

flatlife155 flatlife157 flatlife158

flatlife161 flatlife162 flatlife156

flatlife165 flatlife160 flatlife164

flatlife150 flatlife145 flatlife149

flatlife151 flatlife170 flatlife171

flatlife172 flatlife175 flatlife177

flatlife178  flatlife173 flatlife174

flatlife176 flatlife180 flatlife181

flatlife182 flatlife183 flatlife186

flatlife188 flatlife184 flatlife185

flatlife189 flatlife190 flatlife194

flatlife195 flatlife193 flatlife192

flatlife187 flatlife191 flatlife197

flatlife199 flatlife198 flatlife200

flatlife201 flatlife196 flatlife202

flatlife205 flatlife203 flatlife204

flatlife206 flatlife209 flatlife210


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