Sea stripes

ImageToday it’s another photograph from walking along Brighton seafront. I was looking for abstraction from reality, photographing downwards from the seafront walk towards the beach using a fairly wide angle to include the pebble beach, sea edge and sea. I first tried this picture out by removing much of the detail just finding stripes, look at it with half shut eyes, but then I preferred the infinite details to be found in both sea and beach.

I suppose the intention of taking a photograph is to find a viewpoint that the eye naturally wouldn’t, narrowing in or angling, whereas the natural eye would include more. I suppose that is the ‘art’ of photography. Rather like a poem does to feelings and language.



Wild Strawberries


This is not about the Bergman film but it is one well worth seeing.

In my so called garden, the only place where things grow are those plants which can find a foothold on the wall or in pots.

It is quite remarkable what grows on the wall, a wild strawberry plant has set itself in a crack and the strawberries have ripened! I will leave them to the birds.




So today’s photographs on a warm white windy day, are of these and a bush which refuses to be beaten, at around 11am.


I am still using the Brighton photographs I took at the weekend.


As I was walking along the light was at times quite pearlescent out to sea the colours muted, and was reminded of the beautiful black and white seascape photographs by Hiroshi Sugimoto. They are I am sure taken on large format cameras with probably many hours of careful printing, but with a bit of work with Adobe Lightroom I have attempted to get something of the feel of his pictures which are contemplative rather like the paintings of Rothko, they are about capturing silence, stillness.

As I was completing the image I switched from black and white to colour to see what the settings gave me and I have included that as well, which I quite like.


Brighton Photographs

Last Sunday I was in Brighton and took a lot of photographs, so here are a few more. Click to enlarge the images.


All along the seafront are seats which are dedicated to peoples memories, a nice way to be remembered I think. It was a windy chilly and bright morning that got sunnier as we walked along.


I find it fascinating to look down, then when looking later at the image see the intense detail there is to see. I will maybe enlarge this or one of the others for my wall, I could live with these pebbles!


One feature I find is the abstract nature of sea and man made objects, I may explore these later in black and white.


A bit postcardy but a feature of the seafront for the lucky people who can afford them. What is intriguing is what is inside or what is happening inside….

Househunting for Vincent

Last Sunday I was in Brighton staying at my friend Jackie’s house. On Sunday we went for a walk with Fred a friend of hers’ dog. He was well behaved and not a maniac like Oskar! People wanted to know him.


We walked for a few miles along the seafront, it was lovely, chilly wind coming up the Channel from the west then the sun came through and was warm. Perfect in many ways.


I love Brighton and often wonder why I don’t live there, then I look at the costs of rent and realise I would probably just live in one room, also the local beer is flat and about the same cost as a week’s rent!


As we walked I took photos looking for the abstract, but we also talked about my character Vincent who writes Traitor to the Cause from his apartment on Brighton seafront. It was really useful for me as I could place him in cafes, going to a pub, shopping and Jackie knew the perfect building for him to live in. Embassy Court.



We weaved stories about who he would meet, Paul McCartney has property there and many writers and actors have or do live along there. Whole new strands are floating around my mind, with a greater understanding of where they are actually happening, so much better than searching around Google Earth!


Jackie lent me a book Breakfast in Brighton by Nigel Richardson, I’ve only just started it but it seems a really good background to life in Brighton. I don’t often read travel books, the last ones I read were Italian Journey by Goethe and The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Basho, rather different and both quite wonderful!

200+ miles home later that day and I realised I had got some sunburn on my nose (very attractive) and Oskar was extremely pleased to see me back home. He’d have loved the beach but would have misbehaved disgracefully.

Today’s photographs are from that walk, a windy and sunny day, and the apartment Vincent ‘lives’ in.

Bella rejected


A couple of photographs. One taken on Bond Street, Tunstall, of a discarded Bella from The Tweenies on a damp grey mild day around 10.30am.


The other of buttercups in the small park nearby yesterday evening about 10pm, still summer warm with bright sun. Both I feel are a kind of visual poetry, or maybe just things seen as I walk past and pass on to you bloggists, bloggers, blogladites? So what is a blog reader called?