Photographs 2014



If you like any enough to want to use one please let me know and what for, just to sort permissions and so on. There would be no charge for non-profit purposes. For photographs  in my three current projects – Still Life, Flat Life and Streets use the links on this page. Contact me at

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kidsgrovestation1 kidsgrovestation2 kidsgrovestation3 kidsgrovestation4 kidsgrovestation5 kidsgrovestation6 10dec6 10dec5 10dec4 10dec3 10dec2 10dec1a frost22 frost21 frost1 frost3 frost4 frost5 frost7 frost8 frost9 frost10 frost11 frost12 frost13 frost15 frost16 frost17 frost18 frost19 frost20 werrington1 werrington2 werrington3 werrington4 werrington5 werrington6 werrington7 werrington8 werrington9 werrington10 werrington11 walk19 walk18 walk17 walk16 walk15 walk14 walk13 walk12 walk11 walk10 walk9 walk8 walk7 walk6 walk5 walk4 walk3 walk2 walk1 20nov143 20nov142 20nov141 windy2 windy tunnel dullday22 dullday dulldayelfiea Scanned at Scanned at Scanned at Scanned at Scanned at thistle1 thistle2 thistle3 thistle4 france3standing francearrow francehepworth frgate13 frgate14 frgate15 Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5 barn birds churnetvalley mondrianlandscape road sheep stripefield autumnnite browns stripefield treecanopy autumntree1 autumntree2 autumntree3 chalk1 chalk2 chalk3 chalk4 autumntree4 autumntree5 valley6 valley5 valley4 valley3 valley2 valley1 treeanglefrance hillsidecemfrance gapfrance2 bwcemfrance doorgatefr1 doorgatefr2 doorgatefr3 nwales13a wildflowers1 wildflowers2 wildflowers3 wildflowers4 wildflowers5 wildflowers6 gap1 lacourlandevening pennedaganais1a lacourland2 lacourland3 lacourland1c wpid-img_20140816_110017.jpg bordeauxgare1a bordeauxgare2 bordeauxgare3 bordeauxgare4 notsoftseeds1 notsoftseeds2 notsoftseeds3 notsoftseeds4 notsoftseeds5 notsoftseeds6 notsoftseeds7 notsoftseeds8 notsoftseeds9 notsoftseeds10 notsoftseeds11 notsoftseeds2 notsoftseeds3 notsoftseeds6 notsoftseeds9 notsoftseeds11 studio seeds5 seeds4 seeds3 seeds2 seeds1 rain1 rain2 rain3 highsummerbw highsummer conversationpiece nogate browngate2 create timinsunselfportrait1 garden3 garden2 garden1a redstrawberries redsails annoyedcat2 annoyedcat1 Scanned at borth794 Scanned at Scanned at Scanned at doriscafe9 doriscafe8 doriscafe7 doriscafe6 doriscafe5 doriscafe4 doriscafe3 doriscafe2 doriscafe1 facetrial4 facetrial3 facetrial2 facetrial1 cropped-timbizcard.jpg cropped-16march20141.jpg garden2 garden1 discardday discardedcahirs strawberry1 springtree8 springtree7 springtree6 springtree5 springtree4 springtree3  discardedtv invisibleman springtree2 tree1 2march2014 back1 fencea selfportrait60a   Scanned at 16march20141 16march20142 16march20143 Checkley71 Checkley72a 24feb20145 24feb20147 24feb20144 24feb20143 24feb20142 24feb20141 4feb20145 4feb20146 4feb20147 4feb20148 24feb20146  gaterevisit binday 4feb201411 4feb201410 4feb20149 twogates 52 4feb20144 4feb20143 patriotichouse   2feb20142 2feb20141 28012014  brandtbw.brandt  Scanned at  2301142 230114 20jan20142 20jan20141 


20jan2014test1  9clubs 120114  19jan2014 tgv wall 1201141 1201142 1201143  1501141 1501142 chic 9Jan20144 9Jan201410 9Jan201411 9Jan201412 9Jan201421 9Jan201420 9Jan201419 9Jan201418 9Jan201417 9Jan201415 9Jan201414 9Jan201413

080120141 080120142 080120143 080120144 genius2 Scanned at Scanned at 7012014

2jan2014 1jan20141 1jan20142


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