Photos 2015

These are photographs taken ‘outside’ any project I am working on which can be found on other Pages. If you are interested in using or buying one please contact me at – please click images to enlarge.

junetrees1 junetrees2 junetrees3 junetrees4 sunevening mistyrework londonwisteria londonvanda londonva6 londonva5 londonva3 londonva2 londonva1 londonseats londonphotog3 londonphotog2 londonphotog1 londonoxfordst londoneuston7 londoneuston2 londoneuston1 londondoor5 londondoor4 londondoor3 londondoor2 londondoor1 tombstones1 tombstones2 tombstones3 tombstones4 tombstones5 tombstones6 tombstones7 treebw1 treebw2 blackandrustgate brickedupgate noparkinggate nightroundabout blackbarbedwiregate wall1 wall2 wall3 pinhole4 pinhole7 pinhole8 pinhole1 springytree1 springytree2 springytree3 treeinleaf1 treeinleaf2 treeinleaf3 gategatedoorgate3 anotherlook1 anotherlook2 anotherlook3 anotherlook4 springstart1 springstart2 springstart3 springstart4 gatemarch13 gatemarch14 gatemarch15 Cath Cath2 Scot1 Scot2 francegaterelook1 francegaterelook2 francegaterelook3 vodka&coke greengate showroom wedgwood eclipse eclipsetree1 eclipsetree2 eclipsetree3 eclipsetree4 eclipsetree5 eclipsetree6 show1 show2 show3 show4 oldgatecobridge oldgatecobridge2 misty1 misty2 misty3 misty4 lidl1 lidl2 lidl3 lidl4 learsoundtest blackgaragedoor blackgate gap prickgate springtree1 springtree2 springtree3 springtreecloser1 springtreecloser2 springtreecloser3 hosp1 hosp2 hosp3 pw1 pw2 pw3 pw4 pw5 pw6 pw7 pw8 pw9 pw10 pw11 pw12 pw13 gatemarch31 gatemarch32 gatemarch33 gatemarch34 gatemarch35 gatemarch36 gatemarch37 gatemarch38 gatemarch39 gatemarch310 gatemarch11 gatemarch12 morningwoods1 morningwoods2a morningwoods3 morningwoods4 morningwoods5 morningwoods6 morningwoods7 morningwoods8 noone hosp1 hosp2 hosp3 pw1 pw2 pw3 pw4 pw5 pw6 pw7 pw8 pw9 pw10 pw11 pw12 pw13 thetreesnow5 thetreesnow4 thetreesnow3 thetreesnow2 thetreesnow1 undergrowth2 undergrowth stripes garages26115 angletree nutsbw5 nutsbw4 nutsbw3 nutsbw2 nutsbw1 banana


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