Streets Project

The Streets project will include all 122 roads and streets within half a mile of my flat in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, looking at the houses and buildings, and the intervention of human and natural environment, looking at the extraordinary unnoticed .

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Adams Avenue

adams1 adams2 adams3 adams4 adams5 adams6 adams7 adams8 adams9 adams10 adams11

America Street

4feb201412 4feb201414 america17 america16 america15 america14 america13 america12 america11a america11 america10 america9 america8 america7 america6 America5 America4 America3


Bank Street

bank17 bank16 bank15 bank14 bank12 bank13 bank11 bank10 bank9 bank8 bank7 bank6 bank5 bank4 bank3 bank2 bank1


Birchall Avenue

birchall1 birchall2 birchall3 birchall4 birchall5 birchall6 birchall7

Bond Street

bond1 bond2 bond3 bond4 bond5 bond6 bond7 bond8 bond9 bond10 bond11 bond12 bond13 bond14 bond15

Broomhill Street

broomhill28 broomhill27 broomhill26 broomhill25 broomhill24 broomhill23 broomhill15 broomhill16 broomhill17 broomhill18 broomhill19 broomhill20 broomhill21 broomhill22 broomhill14 broomhill13 broomhill12 broomhill11 broomhill10 broomhill9 broomhill8 broomhill4 broomhill3 broomhill2 broomhill1 broomhill7

Cartlich Street

cartlich9 cartlich8 cartlich7bw cartlich7 cartlich6 cartlich5 cartlich1 cartlich2 cartlich3 cartlich4

Chatterley Road

chatt30 chatt29 chatt28 chatt27 chatt26 chatt25 chatt24 chatt23 chatt22 chatt21 chatt20 chatt19 chatt18 chatt16 chatt15 chatt14 chatt13 chatt12 chatt11 chatt10 chatt9 chatt8 chatt7 chatt6 chatt5 chatt4 chatt3 chatt2a chatt1


Clanway Lane

clanwaylane1 clanwaylane2 clanwaylane3 clanwaylane4 clanwaylane5 clanwaylane6 clanwaylane7 clanwaylane8 clanwaylane9 clanwaylane10 clanwaylane11 clanwaylane12 clanwaylane13 clanwaylane14 clanwaylane15 clanwaylane16 clanwaylane17 clanwaylane18 clanwaylane19 clanwaylane20

Coolidge Street  

cool2 cool3 cool4a cool8  cool5 4feb201413 cool7 cool9

Corinth Way

Corinth1 Corinth2

Coronation Street

coronation1 coronation7 coronation6 coronation5 coronation4 coronation2 coronation3


Clay Hills

clayhills1 clayhills2 clayhills3 clayhills4 clayhills5 clayhills6 clayhills7 clayhills8 clayhills9 clayhills10

Furlong Road

furlong1 furlong2 furlong3 furlong4 furlong5 furlong6 furlong7 furlong8 furlong9 furlong10 furlong11 furlong12 furlong13 furlong14 furlong15 furlong16 furlong17 furlong18 furlong19 furlong20 furlong21 furlong22 furlong23 furlong25 furlong26 furlong27 furlong28 furlong38 furlong37 furlong36 furlong35 furlong34 furlong33 furlong32 furlong31 furlong30 furlong29


Hawes Street

hawes1 hawes2 hawes3 hawes4 hawes5 hawes6 hawes7 hawes8 hawes9 hawes10 hawes11 hawes12

High Street

highstreet1 highstreet2 highstreet3 highstreet4 highstreet5 highstreet6 highstreet7 highstreet8 highstreet10 highstreet9 highstreet11 highstreet12 highstreet19 highstreet18 highstreet17 highstreet16 highstreet15 highstreet14 highstreet13

Hollywall Lane

hollywall1 hollywall2 hollywall3 hollywall4 hollywall5 hollywall6 hollywall7 hollywall8 hollywall9 hollywall10 hollywall11 hollywall12 hollywall13 hollywall15 hollywall16 hollywallpan hollywall17 hollywall18 hollywall19 hollywall20 hollywall21 hollywall22 hollywall23 hollywall24 hollywall25 hollywall26 hollywall27 hollywall28 hollywall29 hollywall30 hollywall31

Hurricane Grove

hurricane9 hurricane8 hurricane7 hurricane6 hurricane5 hurricane4 hurricane3 hurricane2 hurricane1


James Brindley Way

jbrindley1 jbrindley2 jbrindley3 jbrindley4 jbrindley5 jbrindley6 jbrindley7 jbrindley8 jbrindley9 jbrindley10 jbrindley11 jbrindley12 jbrindley13 jbrindley14 jbrindley15 jbrindley16 jbrindley17 jbrindley18 jbrindley19 jbrindley20 jbrindley21

Machin Street

machin1 machin2 machin3 machin4 machin5 machin6 machin7 machin8 machin9 machin10 machin11

Madison Street

madison21 madison20 madison19 madison18 madison17 madison16 madison15 madison14 madison13 madison12 madison11 madison10 madison9 madison8 madison7 madison6 madison5 madison4 madison3 madison2a madison1

Malton Grove

malton1a malton3 malton4 malton5 malton6 malton7 malton2c

Park Terrace

parkt4 parkt1 parkt2 parkt3 parkt5 parkt6 parkt7 parkt8 parkt9 parkt10 parkt11

Piccadilly Street

piccst1 piccst2 piccst3 piccst4 piccst5 piccst6 piccst7 piccst8

Reginald Mitchell Way

regmitch7 regmitch41 regmitch34 regmitch30 regmitch26 regmitch19a regmitch18 regmitch16 regmitch14 regmitch11 regmitch6 regmitch5 regmitch4 regmitch1 regmitch8 regmitch10 regmitch13 regmitch21 regmitch23 regmitch24 regmitch27 regmitch44 regmitch45 regmitch49 regmitch48 regmitch43 regmitch39 regmitch37 regmitch35 regmitch33 regmitch32 regmitch31 regmitch28 regmitch40


Roundwell Street

roundwell1 roundwell2 roundwell3 roundwell4 roundwell5a roundwell6 roundwell7 roundwell8 roundwell9 roundwell10 roundwell11 roundwell12 roundwell22 roundwell21 roundwell19 roundwell20 roundwell18 roundwell16 roundwell15 roundwell13

Roylance Street

roylance9  Roylance7  Roylance8  roylance10  roylance11  roylance13  roylance12     

The Boulevard

boulevard1 boulevard2 boulevard3 boulevard4 boulevard5 boulevard6 boulevard7 boulevard8 boulevard9 boulevard10 boulevard11 boulevard12 boulevard13 boulevard14

Scotia Road

Scotia1 Scotia2 Scotia3 Scotia4 Scotia11 Scotia10 Scotia9 Scotia8 Scotia7 Scotia6 Scotia5 Scotia12 Scotia13a Scotia14 Scotia15   

St.Aidan’s Street

Staid1 Staid2 Staid3 Staid4 Staid5 Staid6 Staid7 Staid8 Staid9 Staid10 Staid11 Staid12 Staid13 Staid14 Staid15 Staid16 Staid17

Summerbank Road

Summerbank6 Summerbank5 Summerbank4 Summerbank3 Summerbank2 Summerbank1 Summerbank16 Summerbank15 Summerbank14 Summerbank13 Summerbank12 Summerbank11 Summerbank10 Summerbank9 Summerbank8 Summerbank7 Summerbank22 Summerbank21 Summerbank20 Summerbank19 Summerbank18 Summerbank17

Wilks Street

wilks1 wilks8 wilks7 wilks6 wilks5 wilks4 wilks3 wilks2

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