The Tree

Just outside my gate is a tree and it has been the subject of many photographs of mine over the past few years. It never ceases to fascinate me. So here are some of those photographs which have appeared in numerous blogs. If you want to use or buy one contact me on, and please click on them to enlarge.

treesept174 treeoct1 treeoct2

tree26163 tree26162 tree26161a treesept172

treebreezy1 treebreezy2 treebreezy3 treesept171

tree405161 tree405162 tree405163 tree405164

thetreeblossom3 thetreeblossom2 thetreeblossom1 tree16041

tree16042 tree16043 tree16044 tree16045

2803164  280316 2803162 2803163

thetree40316  treedripjan22016 treedripjan2016 treedec2

treeoct233 treedec1 nov4 nov7

treeoct232 treeoct231 treenight3 treenight2

treenight1 tree1oct4 tree1oct3  tree1oct2

treeaug161 treeaug162 treeaug163 thetreesept153

thetreesept152 thetreesept15 treewetleaves1 treewetleaves2

treewetleaves3 treejuly313 treejuly312 treejuly311

windytree3 windytree2 windytree1

treemaysun1a treemaysun2 treemaysun3 treeinleaf1

treeinleaf2 treeinleaf3 springytree3 springytree2

springytree1 treebw2 treebw1 springtreecloser3

springtreecloser2 springtreecloser1 springtree3 springtree2

springtree1 eclipsetree6 eclipsetree5 eclipsetree4

eclipsetree3 eclipsetree2 eclipsetree1 thetreesnow5

thetreesnow4 thetreesnow3 thetreesnow2 thetreesnow1

treelight3 treelight2 treelight1 leafdrop

treedropsss treedrops autumntree5 autumntree4

autumntree3 autumntree2 autumntree1 springtree8

springtree7 springtree6 springtree5 springtree4

springtree3 tree1 springtree2 16march20143

16march20142 20jan20142 2301142 230114

1016 20novtreerevisted 20novdrippingrevisted tree4

Dripping1 Dripping1bw Dripping2 Dripping2bw

tree1 tree2 tree5

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