Tim Diggles as…

Each month I am making a self-portrait by re-creating a photograph, painting, film or picture of someone. I will dress (or undress) as necessary and adapt the front room of my (smallish) flat, where necessary creating backgrounds, artworks and so forth, but won’t change too much else. I am still finding out why this project interests me and trying to push myself technically and artistically. You may find them funny or sad or grotesque or interesting, most of all I want to make you and me think. If you would like to participate or have any feedback ideas whatever contact me on timdiggles@gmail.com.

January 2015

dylanjan15  …as Dylan Thomas

February 2015


timas2used … as Christine Keeler.

March 2015

mercecunninghamtimas3 …as Merce Cunningham

April 2015

BenNicholsonbw as Ben Nicholson

May 2015

matisse1 as Henri Matisse

June/July 2015

timaswarhol ... as Andy Warhol

9 thoughts on “Tim Diggles as…

  1. Hi Tim
    I’ve really enjoyed looking at this work, and look forward to seeing more in this series, it is a great idea and has lots of possibilities, reminds me a bit of Jo Spence. I’ve been checking out some of your other pictures on the web as well, and anyone else finding this is recommended to do the same.


    Liked by 1 person

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